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In this video, Prof. Patrick Vermersch (Université de Lille, France) raises attention for smouldering process by discussing the latest therapeutic targets for smouldering MS and Dr. Phyllis Vanwalleghem discusses what can be done to preserve the brain health in MS patients.



Patrick Vermersch

Neuroscience et Cognition, Université de Lille, France

Patrick Vermersch studied medicine at the University Hospital in Lille, France, where he graduated in neurology. He then completed his education in more basic research fields, mainly in cellular biology between 1990 and 1994 with a PhD focused on biochemical abnormalities associated with Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. He has also conducted research related to the characterisations of posttranscriptional anomalies of Tau proteins. His research interests then turned to multiple sclerosis (MS). In the year 2000, he created with colleagues the first MS network in northern France to improve both care and research into MS.
Prof. Vermersch is in a department of neurology at the University of Lille, which deals with MS and other neuroinflammatory diseases. The department’s principal scientific interests are neuroimmunology and markers of disease evolution. In 2019 he became a board member of the European Charcot Foundation.
After being vice-president for research in biology and health at the university of Lille, Prof. Vermersch is currently director of a graduate school. His current areas of interest are prognostic markers of MS, development of new therapeutic targets and neuroimmunology in general.
He participates in many therapeutic protocols on MS as a member of steering committees. He has published approximately 450 scientific papers as author or co-author.

Phyllis Vanwalleghem

Neurologist AZ Monica, (Antwerp-Deurne), Belgium

Visiting lecturer Artesis Plantin Hogeschool Antwerp Belgium.
Member of the Belgian Multiple Sclerosis Study Group.
Member of the American Academy of Neurology.

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