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CAR-T cell therapy is now reimbursed in Belgium for the treatment of DLBCL patients in 2L, irrespective of patient transplant eligibility.

This eLearning will provide you all you wanted to know to implement this paradigm shift in the management of your DLBCL patients as soon as 1L treatment doesn’t provide a complete response.

Dr. Wendy Osborne (Newcastle Hospital, UK) will guide you through the unmet medical needs of DLBCL patients in 2L. Prof Peter Vandenberghe (UZ Leuven, Belgium) will detail how available data changes the 2L DLBCL treatment landscape. The session is closed with a best practice sharing moderated by Prof. Marc André (CHU UCL Mont Godinne, Belgium) covering optimal planning and patient identification for CAR T, bridging therapy, adverse event management, and much more. Learn now how to improve survival outcomes for your DLBCL patients in 2L.


Wendy Osborne

Consultant Haematologist
Newcastle United Kingdom

Peter Vandenberghe

Head of Haematology
University Hospitals Leuven Belgium

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