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While our armamentarium of so-called high-efficacy drugs grows, each has distinct impacts on the immune system and the underlying disease processes. Mastering these different modes of actions and their consequences is a key when choosing for the most adapted treatment option for an individual patient, as it is for the estimating future risks and for moving from one DMD to another if and when it's necessary.

MS, a complex disease, often requires multidisciplinary interventions. DMDs first act is upon the disease activity, but they can also impact other invisible aspects of the disease such as the Quality of Life (QoL) and societal cost. For this reason, the choice of a DMD goes beyond purely controlling the disease.


Steven Simoens

Health economist

KU Leuven

Bassem Yamout

Professor of Neurology

American University of Beirut
Director, Neurology Institute and MS centre Harley street MC Abu Dhabi UAE

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